lessons from “mirror bish”.

If you know me then you know that Martin, Moesha & Living Single have been my favorite television shows since I was a little girl. However, in my adult years that has changed tremendously, my new favorite show of all time is Insecure.  I AM COMPLETELY OBSESSED! I am emotionally invested in every season, every... Continue Reading →

a pandemic love affair

So, I think that I fell in love during the pandemic. ummm…. crazy right??  YES! ITS CRAZY AS HELL!   But hey, it happened.  Looking back on our crazy year last year it’s clearer than ever I most definitely fell in love.  Now who did I fall in love with you ask…. Well, I’ll get to... Continue Reading →


The past couple of weeks have been busy to say the least! My friends and family came from all over to celebrate ME and my ACCOMPLISHMENTS❗️ and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ❗️ The amount of love that I felt was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I mean I didn’t have to deal with any negativty... Continue Reading →

Mastered It!

So, I did a thing I said I would NEVER do, and it turned out to be pretty freaking awesome!  Before I jump into my big news let me take you back to a moment where I thought I knew it all lol.  So let me set the scene, I was 19 years old and... Continue Reading →

Ms. Not so “perfect”

Like everyone else around the world 2020 was a hell of a year for me! I cried and laughed so much this past year that it made me realize how much I truly kept bottled up inside. Before the pandemic I was stressed, overworked, anxious, sad and DEPRESSED!  Yes, I was DEPRESSED! And if you’ve... Continue Reading →

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to A Brown Girl’s Thoughts A space for me to be my authentic & dope self.  My name is Asherwilks, and I started this blog back in 2013, however I never published anything because I was dealing with a lot personally and I wasn’t ready to be transparent. However, I have started on this... Continue Reading →

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